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Why an online presence? » Mary Rader

Why an online presence?

So, why is it I have taken the egotistical road and created a name branded website?  What compelled me to set up a "blah, blah" about nothing other than me?

Really it is nothing more than motivation to manage my online persona.  I can post my resume.  I can detail what I view to be my truth.  I can project what I want the world to see about me.

I will rarely update this site.  I will not post meaningful blog drivel.  I will not attempt to game Google and play the "SEO" game.  The only thing that may update from time to time are my resume items, and my tweets (if I can actually be bothered to update them).

I have abandoned Facebook.  I have a profile on LinkedIn, and on Plaxo (though I never go to them).  I bid on projects on eLance.

I enjoy outdoor activities like climbing and backpacking.  Scuba is great (even better now that I do not help teach).  I love to travel.  I do not like long walks on the beach, I'm not a fan of poetry, and I just don't get why flowers are supposed to be beautiful.  I do own one painting (done by Manny Vega).  Other than that, I currently grind away at a daily job, mercenarily motivated.  I am, by job title, a Senior Applications Developer, though I currently have been doing nothing but server administration.

I am married to a strange and wonderful companion.  Her name is Cookie.  No, really.  It is Cookie.  Her birth certificate says Mary, but it is an evil lie designed to thwart the New World Order.  Crap, I just gave it away...  Anyway...  We share interests.  We remodeled a house.  She supported me while I was deployed to Iraq (and didn't leave me).  She made good turkey this Thanksgiving.  She once told me that my shoes were playing good cop/bad cop (I still don't get it).

I own no pets.  Well, that is not true.  I have two brine shrimp (Superego and Id) that live in a little ecosphere.  I have had them for going on 11 years now.  I'm not sure that they are the same ones I started with.  I do know that there used to be three.  The deceased was named "Ego".  The other two killed and ate him...